Intro - what we believe is a revolutionary opportunity to make Atlanta the global destination for leaders, educators and innovators focused on peace.


The Atlanta Peace Initiative is a 501c3 organization comprised of community and business leaders that have come together for one specific purpose.  I would like to highlight the members that make up our board


To highlight a few member of our board:

Chairman of the board - Former Ambassador to the UN, Andy Young

Dr. Bernice King, CEO of the King Center, Laura Turner Seydel, Senior Advisor to the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates organization, And our three executive leaders: Jim Hannan, Egbert Perry and Martha Brooks

So what is the purpose of the Atlanta Peace Initiative?

Our group has been formed to pursue the opportunity of a transformational partnership with Nobel and winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.  Nobel is the strongest name in peace and given the current events we believe the impact of this partnership will extend far beyond Atlanta.  We believe bringing Nobel to Atlanta will serve the world today and the future generations that will follow.  This partnership will be the catalyst for building a peace ecosystem in Atlanta. 

The proposed peace ecosystem has five components.  Securing the partnership with Nobel and hosting the Nobel Peace Summit in Atlanta which I’ll provide further details on the next slide.  A Peace University in partnership with Nobel Peace, local universities and other peace-focused nonprofits.  The launch of the official Americas Nobel Peace Laureate office, which would give Nobel a permanent presence in Atlanta.  This office would located in a proposed peace district.  This peace district would be the primary hub for collaboration, innovation and action amongst the consul generals in Atlanta, NGOs, educators, students, social impact entrepreneurs and others.  These four components would add to Atlanta’s already strong peace resources in the King Center, Carter Center and Center for Civil and Human Rights.  So what is the Nobel Peace Summit?

Since 1999, the summit has been an annual forum where Nobel Peace Laureates, organizations, and individuals come together to share ideas, build relationships, and address important peace challenges through innovative solutions.  This summit is hosted by a new city every year and last year it was a four day event hosted in Merida, Mexico.  Here are some of the highlights…. A few Atlanta peace initiative board members attended the 2019 summit and we were inspired by the mainstage presentations, workshops, innovative ideas, community volunteering opportunities  and the progress towards goals made at the previous summit.  Throughout the four days we realized that although the event had grown over its 20 year history, there was a tremendous amount of potential that Atlanta could unlock.

Which is why our proposal to Nobel is bold.  We have proposed not just hosting the peace summit once, but every three years in perpetuity and Nobel is fully open to this idea.  We believe that hosting recurring summit in Atlanta will build momentum and lead to great impact allowing us to harness all of the energy surrounding civil and human rights.  With time we believe that this summit will become the largest of its kind and reflect the Davos of Peace meets the SXSW of Peace by showcasing the most innovative peace solutions and thought leaders.  

Dragon Con had 85,000 attendees in 2019

We’ve built the relationship with Nobel over the last two years, but we have not done it alone and that is what makes this opportunity so special.  In 2018 the Atlanta Peace Initiative, along with representatives from Rotary International and the City of Atlanta, visited Nobel board members in Italy, Sweden and Norway.  We then hosted the Nobel Secretariat and her staff in Atlanta last summer.  They met with Governor Kemp, Mayor Bottoms, various consul generals, metro atlanta chamber, georgia chamber and the visitors bureau. They toured the Georgia World Congress Center and were thrilled by Atlanta’s ability to host a global conference by leveraging the airport, MARTA and hotel capacity.  In addition to these key local partners, Rotary International has agreed to produce the summit in Atlanta and market the summit worldwide through its 1.3 million members. 

Atlanta has the opportunity to be a global leader in peace research and education. This would involve a collaboration between:

In February, the Atlanta Peace Initiative, led by Andrew Young, presented the idea of a peace university to the presidents and provosts of 13 colleges and universities.  The reception was overwhelmingly positive and as of July 2020, 8 institutions have signed up for the pilot.  We are hired a consulting firm to conduct stakeholder interviews and a launch a feasibility study.